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hola all. ;D

What's your name?
My name is Mikayla, or you can call me Tay.
What clarinet(s) do you play/how long have you played them?
I play a Bb clarinet. I have played since 5th grade, and I am going to be entering 9th in the fall... so a little over 4 years, I think.
What's your favorite style of music to play?
I usually just play is given to me for marching or concert band, but some songs we have played that are my favorites are the classic rock song "Paint it Black" for our Homecoming and Memorial Day parades two years in a row and the "Mission Impossible" theme song for a concert we played this year.
Anything else?
Two of my High School band directors played for the DCI competition group the Cavaliers in their 2004 show "007," which was in first place, I believe, after the semifinals that year. I will be in my High School's marching band for the first time this year. The farthest away competition we will go to this year is in St. Louis. Our practices are like boot camp, I swear. I never thought marching band would require so much muscle and excercise, but it does. All the other students say that our band is one of the best around because we practice so much, which is true because in the summer, I will be practicing 2 times a day, 5 days a week. I guess that's all...! :D

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