borenda~ [ bow before glory. ] (foushourrey) wrote in clarinetclique,
borenda~ [ bow before glory. ]

so, I'm new. :D

What's your name? Brenda

What clarinet(s) do you play? Bb only. sadly. [ sigh ]

What do you most like to play? Pieces that have a flow or room for expression...which is basically every piece out there. D:
My favorite piece would probably be Adagio from Clarinet Concerto K.622 by Mozart.

Anything else? What is there? um, I've played for little under 3 years. I think I'm getting to pro status. xD jk.  Um, I really like that I can find people that share the same interest in clarinet as me. Because at my school it feels like not really many people care about the instrument they play. :[
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