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Oops... I forgot to do this when I joined

What's your name? Lauren

What clarinet(s) do you play/how long have you played them?  I started on a plastic Bundy Bb soprano when I was in the sixth grade, picked up the Bass Clarinet in 8th grade and fell in love with it, then played the soprano during marching season and the bass during concert season all four years in High School.  Now I'm a freshman in college and I've just aquired a new Selmer CL 120 Bb Soprano (Of which I'm extremely proud).  I still play the Bass, too.  :)  I can't help it. 

What's your favorite style of music to play? I'm currently in love with the music of Stephen Melillo.  I also love chamber music, as well as ballads and slow concert pieces that require musicality.  I don't like atonal music.  At all.

Anything else?  What else would you like to know?
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